Oracle APEX presents a myriad of possibilities when it comes to the types of solutions you can build to solve real business problems and provide immediate value to your organization.

Use Cases

Oracle APEX can be used to build a wide variety of apps for any industry. From the simplest app that turns a spreadsheet into a web app, creating a secure single source of truth, to a mission critical app that is accessed daily by tens of thousands of users. Oracle APEX can also be used to build internal apps, for a few users, the department, or the whole organization, or to build public-facing apps for customers and partners.

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Modernizing Oracle Forms

Oracle APEX is the clear platform of choice for easily transitioning Oracle Forms applications to modern web apps. The same stored procedures and PL/SQL packages work natively in APEX, making it a breeze to develop.

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Apps and Plug-ins

The APEX GitHub repository contains starter apps, sample apps, sample code, and plug-ins that you can try, learn from, use, and experiment with in Oracle APEX!

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Success Stories

Oracle APEX has been used to successfully provide solutions for real business problems across industries and geographies. Here are just a few stories on how a diverse group of customers have used Oracle APEX to solve a myriad of business problems.

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