Training and Certifications

Explore the various training, certifications, and other resources below to level up your APEX expertise. Whether you are new to APEX, or looking to sharpen your skills, there is something for everyone.

Learn Oracle APEX Fundamentals

Embark on your APEX journey by enrolling in the Oracle APEX Foundations course.

This 3-hour learning path is ideal for beginners looking for a general overview of APEX. Explore the core functionality of APEX such as the App Builder and SQL Workshop, and build your first cloud application with APEX on OCI.

Upon completion, you will be familiar with the key capabilities and components of APEX.

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Become an Oracle APEX Professional

Dive deeper into APEX capabilities by enrolling in the Oracle APEX Developer Professional Course

This 13-hour learning path is targeted for both beginners and seasoned developers that want a deeper understanding of APEX. Dive into detail for each APEX component and try out the step-by-step guided labs for a hands-on experience.

Upon completion, you will have a practical knowledge of APEX concepts and capabilities, and a solid footing on how to build APEX apps.

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The Oracle APEX Foundations course exceeded my expectations in every way. … This course truly jump-started my journey and gave me the confidence to create innovative applications with ease. Dr. Graham Ng Practice Director (Digital Transformation)

Oracle APEX Certification

Once you are proficient at developing APEX applications, you can take the Oracle certification exam to become an Oracle APEX Cloud Developer Certified Professional.

Stand out among your peers, and prove to everyone that you know how to rapidly build robust apps using APEX.

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APEX + AI Learning Path

Oracle APEX: Empowering Low Code Apps with AI

This course teaches you the latest advancements of AI in Oracle APEX, accelerating development with AI-assisted features and generative AI capabilities such as creating apps with natural language prompts, generating SQL queries with the APEX Assistant, and configuring custom conversational AI assistants. Learn to integrate OCI AI services into Oracle APEX, including Vision, ODA, Document Understanding, Generative AI, and Select AI, as well as seamlessly integrating AI Vector Search in Oracle Database 23ai to build RAG capability in AI-powered apps.

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Additional Learning Materials

There are also numerous tutorials available to gain even more knowledge and experience building apps.

  • Oracle Database Explorer

    Get to know about the most popular database, the Oracle Database, and venture into the world of its administration, by exploring this Learning Path.

  • Oracle SQL Explorer

    Begin your journey to learn the in-demand Structured Query Language (SQL) skills.

  • Programming with PL/SQL

    Get Introduced to PL/SQL, Oracle's procedural extension language for SQL, and the Oracle relational database. Explore the differences between SQL and PL/SQL and how PL/SQL is used to extend and automate SQL in administering the Oracle database.