Release Notes

Learn what's new in the latest release of Oracle APEX and how it has evolved over time. Read the release notes, marquee features, and other enhancements.

Version 18.2

Released September 28, 2018

This release is the first update to APEX 18.1 and includes a number of new features, bug fixes, and general improvements.

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  • Streamlined Workspace Requests

    There are additional options to simplify and reduce the number of steps for new workspace requests.

  • New Page Types in Create Page Wizard

    You can now create side-by-side master detail and dashboard pages from the Create Page wizard.

  • Create Apps from Sample Datasets

    Installing a sample dataset will allow you to jump into the Create App wizard with predefined pages.

  • New Static List of Values Editor

    You can now easily define static list of values in Page Designer

Other Features

  • Improved warnings within REST Workshop to prevent loss of custom definitions.
  • More comprehensive JavaScript API documentation.
  • Ability to update Font APEX stylesheets and font files independent of Oracle APEX releases.
  • Font APEX has been updated to version 2.1 and includes a number of bug fixes.
  • EMP / DEPT Sample Dataset is now localized in 10 languages.
  • Numerous improvements to handling of touch events.
  • General improvements and bug fixes to Universal Theme.
  • Added "Getting Started" links to primary pages across the builder.

Version 18.1

Released May 24, 2018

This release brings a dramatic leap forward in both the ease of integration with remote data sources, and the easy inclusion of robust, high-quality application features.

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  • Application Features

    Easily add higher-level application features to your app, including access control, feedback, activity reporting, email reporting, dynamic user interface selection, and more.

  • REST Enabled SQL Support

    You can now build charts, reports, calendars, trees and even invoke processes against Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS)-provided REST Enabled SQL Services.

  • Web Source Modules

    Declaratively access data services from a variety of REST endpoints, including ordinary REST data feeds, REST Services from Oracle REST Data Services, and Oracle Cloud Applications REST Services.

  • REST Workshop

    A completely rearchitected REST Workshop, to assist in the creation of REST Services against your Oracle database objects.

  • Social Authentication

    Developers can now easily create APEX applications which can use Oracle Identity Cloud Service, Google, Facebook, generic OpenID Connect and generic OAuth2 as the authentication method.

  • Universal Theme + Mobile UI

    There are a number of features in Universal Theme to enable developers to build common mobile UI patterns. There are also new components based on jQuery Mobile widgets to assist in the creation of mobile applications.

Other Features

  • Wizards have been streamlined with smarter defaults and fewer steps, enabling developers to create components quicker than ever before.
  • Font APEX 2: there is a new set of high-resolution icons which include much greater detail.
  • APEX Advisor now includes a collection of accessibility-focused tests.
  • New Chart Types - You can now create Gantt, box-plot, and pyramid charts
  • Enhanced Sample Charts application
  • New Chart-Level and Series-Level attributes
  • Interactive Grids: there is a new Copy Down feature to copy data from one row to other rows.
  • Interactive Grids: You can now Copy to Clipboard for row or cell range selections.
  • Interactive Grids: User settable report setting "Actions > Format > Stretch" Column Widths and column attribute "Stretch" provides declarative control over how the column width will stretch to fill available space or not
  • Documentation of public JavaScript widget APIs
  • Page Designer: Updated UI to improve usability and improved "Go to group" functionality
  • Sticky Filters: You can now pin keywords to have them persist as you click around Page Designer
  • Upgraded jQuery and jQuery UI libraries: jQuery 3.1.1 and jQuery UI 1.12.0
  • New Oracle JET libraries: Oracle JET 4.2.0
  • APEX Search: Provides quick navigation and unified search experience across APEX. Activate by clicking search button from header, or using the keyboard shortcut.
  • New "Text Field with Autocomplete" item type based on Oracle JET Input Search component.
  • Developer Toolbar now shows a red indicator if there is any JavaScript error on the page. Page Info > Show Page Timing displays the page performance timing
  • Declarative support for touch-based dynamic actions, tap and double tap, press, swipe, and pan, supporting the creation of rich and functional mobile applications
  • Universal Theme: There are multiple template options to support mobile UI patterns including sticky headers and footers for button placement
  • Universal Theme: There is a new Tabs-based navigation menu template that is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Universal Theme: There is a new template option for classic reports to hide pagination when pagination is not available
  • Universal Theme Sample App has been enhanced with Mobile UI patterns and a number of other enhancements

Version 5.1

Last Updated December 17, 2017 (Version 5.1.4) - Initial Release December 21, 2016

This release is a great leap forward in end-user productivity and introduces powerful new declarative features, enabling you to develop, design and deploy beautiful, responsive, database-driven desktop and mobile applications using only a browser.

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  • Interactive Grids

    You can now create an interactive grid, a rich, client-side region type that allows rapid editing of multiple rows of data in a dynamic, JSON-enabled grid. Interactive Grid combines the best features from both Interactive Reports and Tabular Forms. With Interactive Grids, developers can now easily render master-detail-detail relationships that can be n-levels deep or across.

  • Oracle JET Charts

    The data visualization engine of Oracle Application Express is now powered by Oracle JET (JavaScript Extension Toolkit), a modular open source toolkit based on modern JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 design and development principles. This JavaScript charting solution is highly customizable, accessible, interactive, and incorporates automatic responsive design support. With Oracle JET integration into Application Express, you can now build charts that are beautiful, fast, highly customizable, and extremely versatile.

  • Universal Theme

    Universal Theme has been streamlined and features improved design and UI throughout all of its components. This release introduces new templates, theme styles and Live Template Options. Live Template Options enables you to customize your application in real time, allowing you to try out various template options to get the perfect UI for your application.

  • Application Builder Improvements

    Wizards have been streamlined with smarter defaults and fewer steps, enabling developers to create components quicker than ever before.

  • Productivity Apps

    Enhancements to all existing productivity and sample apps, and also introduces three new productivity apps: Competitive Analysis, Quick SQL and REST Client Assistant.

  • Wizard Simplification

    Wizards have been streamlined with smarter defaults and fewer steps, enabling developers to create components quicker than ever before.

Other Features

  • Universal Theme now provides declarative support for right-to-left languages, modal dialogs that will automatically grow or shrink in height to fit their contents, and over 100 other enhancements
  • Font APEX is a new icon library with over 1,100 icons, which has been specifically designed to complement the development of business applications with Oracle Application Express and Universal Theme.
  • The Sample Charts app has been completely revamped to showcase the all new Oracle JET Charts
  • The Sample Master-Detail app now highlights the different ways related tables can be displayed using a marquee page or different combinations of Interactive Grids
  • Three new Sample apps: Sample Interactive Grids, Sample Projects, and Sample REST Services. The Sample Interactive Grids app demonstrates the rich functionality of Interactive Grids including read-only, editable, and advanced capabilities.
  • To assist developers with the transition to Page Designer, a new Component View tab is now included in Page Designer. You can see your page as it looks when viewing the Legacy Component View.
  • Page Designer now supports a Two Pane mode so you can focus on two panes at a time.
  • You can now customize Page Designer by reordering tabs within and across panes.
  • You can now quickly search and find a specific attribute or group in the Property Editor by entering part or all of the associated property name in the search dialog. In the Property Editor, changed properties are now indicated with a blue marker until the page has been saved.
  • Numerous Improvements to Calendar component include: Inclusive End Date, JavaScript Customization, Dynamic Action Events, and Keyboard Support
  • APEX Builder UI enhancements - Rather than just being able to upload a single file (or zip file), developers can now upload multiple files or multiple zip files. This is available in Static Workspace Files, Static Application Files, Theme Files, and Plug-In Files.
  • Item Types - File Browse page items can be configured to support multiple file uploads, and can be restricted by file types.
  • Page Submit - New Page Attribute "Reload On Submit" allows developers to specify when the page should be reloaded following a page submission. Submitting a page has been changed to not use the parameters of the wwv_flow.accept procedure anymore, instead all page item values are stored in a JSON document which is passed to wwv_flow.accept. With this change,there is no more 200 page items limit per page.