What's New in 19.1

Oracle APEX offers all the tools you need to be productive, deliver on time, and produce stunning results for your business.

Dark Mode

The development environment of APEX can now be rendered with a darker color scheme, which reduces eye strain and is especially helpful for those who are developing late into the night.

Form Region Enhancements

Form pages, used to manage CRUD operations on a single record, have been significantly enhanced, including a new region type specifically for form regions, and the ability to utilize REST Enabled SQL and Web Source within form regions.

Forms Region Type

In prior releases, developers would utilize a Static Content region and place items associated with a Pre-Rendering process. This has changed markedly with the introduction of the Form region type and significant changes in how data is retrieved and processed for these regions. One of the big advantages of this enhancements is that you can now update multiple tables within a single form page.

  • Changed Source Definition

    Instead of defining the source in the Pre-Rendering process, developers now define the source within the region definition.

  • Expanded Source Type

    The source for a Forms Region now includes Table, SQL based, or PL/SQL Function returning SQL Query

  • Additional Region Attributes

    Form regions attributes include edit properties, similar to Interactive Grid properties, including enabling / disabling editing, allowed operations, allowed operation column, lost update type, and edit authorizations.

  • Modified DML Process

    The DML process used to insert, update, or delete a record has been modified to be based on a Form region, rather than being based on a table.

  • Updated Item References

    Rather than specifying the source type as Database Column and the associated table column, developers can now specify the Form region, data type and Database column.

REST Enabled Forms

The built-in support for REST Enabled SQL and Web Sources has been extended to Form regions, allowing read and write access to remote data sources.

  • REST Enabled SQL

    Developers who have REST enabled a table or view can declaratively create full CRUD form pages, as simply as creating a form page on a local database table.

  • Web Sources

    When a REST API is defined as a Web Source Module the automatic discovery now identifies available operations, including PUT, POST, and DELETE. Based on the available operations, corresponding CRUD operations will be defined on form pages based on these Web Sources.

  • REST Enabling Database Objects

    Within SQL Workshop > Object Browser developers can now declaratively REST enable tables or views.

Data Loading

The data upload functionality in SQL Workshop and Create Application From a File have been modernized with a new drag & drop user interface and support for native Excel, CSV, XML and JSON documents. A new public data loading PL/SQL API is also available.

  • Streamlined User Interface

    Simply drag and drop the file you want to load, then follow a simple wizard to load your data.

  • Enhanced Create App From a File Wizard

    Create apps based on the table created when uploading data. The app will include report and form pages, and a dashboard page, based on the new table.

  • Support for CSV, XSLX, XML and JSON files

    Load data from various popular data file types.

  • Upload large files in the background

    Large files are automatically processed in the background.

  • Automatic Detection

    File settings, data types, format masks, and column sizing are automatically detected.

  • Introduction of the APEX_DATA_PARSER API

    This new API provides a developer friendly interface to parse files and exposes more advanced functionality.

Improved Charts and Library Upgrades

The version of Oracle JET incorporated into APEX has been upgraded to Oracle JET 6.1. There are also a number of other improvements.

  • New Chart Type - Status Meter Gauge

    The Status Meter Gauge can be circular, horizontal, or vertical, and replaces the Dial Gauges.

  • Declarative Font Formatting

    Additional declarative attributes allow developers to easily change the style used to render axes, legends, and values.

  • Stack Grouping

    Define labels for groups and categories for stacked charts.

  • Gantt Improvements

    Gantt charts now include declarative tooltip support.

  • Updated Libraries

    The included libraries have been upgraded to jQuery 3.3.1, and jQuery UI 1.12.1.

Universal Theme

Universal Theme has been refreshed with UI refinements, accessibility improvements, new template options and deeper control via Theme Roller to help your applications look better than ever.

  • Accessibility Improvements

    There are a number of accessibility improvements including a new "Skip to Main Content" link.

  • New Navigation Menu Styles

    There are now two additional styles for the tree-based Navigation Menu

  • Inline Popup Region Template

    A new Inline Popup region template is now available.

  • UI Refinements

    A number of components and styles have been visually tweaked and refined to provide a more streamlined user interface.

  • Mobile Improvements

    Responsive behavior has been improved for breadcrumbs and other UI components.

Additional Features

Below are a number of additional features you should familiarize yourself with.

  • Interactive Grid Improvements

    A number of new declarative attributes have been added to Interactive Grids such as Select First Row and new Toolbar Controls.

  • Dynamic Actions Enhancement

    New dynamic actions for opening and closing regions have been added.

  • App Builder Authentication Expansion

    Authentication to the App Builder can now be configured to use Social Login.

Other Features and Changes

  • New Additions to JavaScript API Doc

  • Save Session State just in memory

  • APEX Upgrade will automatically copy ACLs

  • Improved translation editing

  • APEX_STRING enhancements

  • APEX_SESSION additions

  • Removal of jQuery Mobile

  • Removal of APEXExportSplitter

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